Digitization has enabled steady increase of voluminous data across industries. Mostly, these data exist in various forms like paper, e-mails, forms or office documents. Therefore, it may not help if these forms cannot be processed for significant information. Businesses earnestly seek for seamless, cost-effective, simple and scalable document capture solutions that can extract insightful information from various incoming documents and successfully feed it to other enterprise applications that drive their business.

We are world’s fastest endpoint digital compression provider. Our technology compresses image, PDF, audio & video up to 90% with no loss in visual quality. Our goal is to connect the enterprises to their customers digitally, from urban to rural, making it easy to provide solution even in areas with low network connectivity, even 2G speed, enabling branchless operationsacross all rural areas.

With adStringO endpoint compression, enterprises will be able to self-service customers at the point of sale itself. With our endpoint compression, field representatives or customers themselves can capture required documents, like PAN card, AADHAR card, etc., using scanners or mobile phones and then compress the captured file up to 90%, without losing visual and print quality to effectively initiate critical business processes at the point of transaction. Connect with us in our drive to make India the new digital superpower.