Anoop Mathur

Founder & President - CORE Media

As India’s leading media and marketing company, CORE Media has unparalleled reach within the communities we serve. Over the last 7 years we have successfully connected various stakeholders in the ICT ecosystem, along with our customers and businesses.
We are highly customer-centric and all our brands and platforms have been built and designed to be unique and, more importantly, to deliver results for all stakeholders involved.

Our expertise in creating bespoke programs help our customers deliver the right messaging and content in formats that are engaging, enriching, and achieve the stated outcomes.
In this hyper connected world, customer expectations are ever increasing each time, and we are fully equipped for it!
It gives us the right impetus to innovate in our quest to help clients connect meaningfully with the right audience.

Our focus is to innovate and create ideas that are community relevant in the new modern world and to promote a philosophy of success through lifelong relationships that extend beyond business transactions. We are a committed team that is passionate about ensuring our clients get the very best of results, every single time.

Partner with us and we’ll work together with you to connect the dots…