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Anoop Mathur

CIOs and Digital Leaders play a crucial role in the new digital economy by enabling the creation and operation of various digital platforms and services for their enterprises, disrupting existing market norms and the competitive landscape. These technologies include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, etc. They allow for the automation of processes, data analysis and storage, and the creation of new business models.

Today, technology fuels everything from the ground up for every enterprise and CIOs are driving the business agenda at the forefront, being the true champions of the Digital-only world.

Technology leaders are driving modernization of a different order today, ensuring resilience, building agility and focusing on sustainability for the future. They are facing some of the most unique challenges and opportunities which allow them to take larger leadership roles that redefine the future.

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CIO Power List 2023

Congratulation to all the winners of CIO PowerList 2023

Registrations is “NOW Closed”

CIO Power List 2024

The List of Most 'INFLUENTIAL' Leaders in India
Registration is “NOW OPEN”





CIO Power List 2023 - The Only List of Most 'INFLUENTIAL' Leaders in India.
"Nominations Closed."

CIO Power List 2024 - The Only List of Most 'INFLUENTIAL' Leaders in India
Nomination Voting is “NOW OPEN”




Technology in the modern economy is developing, mutating, and adapting at a staggering rate, and fundamentally changing the way any business operates. With wider access to new and emerging technologies, marketplaces-global, national, regional, or even local-are becoming increasingly competitive. In this ever-evolving scenario, thought leadership is emerging as an important strategy for growth, significantly impacting business models, the marketplace, consumers, and employees.

Leading this change are a select few pioneering CIOs and ICT Leaders, blazing new paths, and shaping the outcome of disruptive technologies. These ICT leaders are reinventing industries and creating a new value system, driven by IT now sitting at the centre of innovation for business.

With CIO Power List, CORE Media seeks to discover and recognise these industry legends creating ground-breaking strategies to drive growth

CIO Power List is the list of THE most INFLUENTIAL Technology Leaders in India. With corporate IT's power and influence over business growing, these CIOs are leading the disruption wave, changing the rules of engagement, and capitalising on opportunities to fuel business growth.

CIO POWER LIST winners are finalised on the basis of an algorithm that takes into account a wide range of data collected on CIOs across multiple channels.

Join us in celebrating and raising a toast to India's ICT titans-disruptive leaders transforming the ecosystem!

Over 130+ CIOs will be recognised
Technology at Work No Jury - Algorithm based evaluation to pick final winners
Winners chosen basis Technology & Business Influence
All Virtual - Symposium & Awards program
Opportunity to – Learn I Engage I Celebrate


Technology at work.

CIO Power List is a unique and powerful platform honouring our country's most distinguished CIOs. These innovative leaders have been chosen for their exemplary skills, and adoption of innovative technologies and strategies to boost business.

The 360-degree selection process is based on several criteria and an Algorithm will decide the 'Who's Who in CIO Power List based on multiple parameters in Business and Technology Categories.

The Algorithm has been developed based on a wide range of CIOs data collected from multiple channels, making the entire process unique.

Data sources include:

    • Reputation of the CIO in Mainline, Online and Print Media, including Business and Technology Publications
    • Combined Data on Awards, Honours and Recognitions Won and Achievements till date.
    • Involvement in Associations and Industry groups Media, Associations & Industry groups.
    • Random sampling of Social Media Engagements
    • National Survey of Peer CIO sentiments – CIOs vote for their peers
    • Nomination from Vendors
    • Inputs from the CIO himself/ herself on their Key achievements for the last 12 months.



Why Partner?

CIO Power List brings together the top IT leaders in the country under one roof for an engaging program.

It is the 'Davos for the ICT Industry' where you can build positive perceptions for your brand and offerings, maximise exposure and grow your reputation among the country's top CIOs.

CIO Power List is one of the most sought after events in the industry and is a unique opportunity that will help you make the right connections with key industry stakeholders in an environment.

We will bring together India's top 300+ CIOs & ICT decision makers from different industry verticals an immersive experience. The dialogue will take place in an elegant and interesting environment that encourages engagement, which is the essence of CORE Media's platforms.

CIO Power List features thoughtfully curated sessions designed to drive deep engagement and open doors to unearth strong business leads. Partner with us to create a positive brand impact, boost lead conversion, and make connections for life!


Position your brand, technology and services to influential business and technology leaders — Gain Exposure
Direct access to the industry’s top ICT decision-makers — Access
Directly connect to potential new clients and explore business opportunities — Lead Generation
E-Meet and E-connect with existing and prospective customers in a relaxed setting — Strengthen Relationships
Gain insight on the latest trends, toughest challenges and top priorities — Discover New Opportunities

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