Ekhlaque Bari

Executive VP and Head - IT, Max Life Insurance Co Ltd

Ekhlaque is a catalyst of digital and tech transformation and a leader who is passionate about people, processes and technology. He strives for excellence, drives meritocracy, and thrives on motivating people to achieve their goals. A people’s leader, he straddles business and IT with equal ease. His passion for digital, technology and human behavior allows him to use these disciplines to drive transformation with tangible business outcomes. He comes with a global outlook after having worked in US, UK, Europe and ASPAC regions in BFSI, Media and manufacturing industries.
At Max Life he leads an eclectic team of 90 people driven to deliver the very best outcome for all stakeholders. Amongst a slew of other transformations, EB has been pivotal in driving the LEAN IT strategy which includes but not limited to digital customer, digital seller and digital employee.
EB is constantly learning, adapting and evolving himself with the latest in technology and business world. He is adept at digital, design thinking, UX, core applications and ERP. A person who is full of ideas and compliments his ideas with outstanding execution skills. EB is less of a leader and more of an engine of the team, at both work as well as pleasure. He loves cooking as much as he loves eating. He staunchly believes that “anything worth doing is worth doing well”.

Expertise : Digital, Leadership, Strategy, business transformation, e-commerce, internet, web, mobile, operational excellence, process re-engineering, application implementation, stakeholder management.

Specialties: Digital, Information Management,e-commerce,web,mobile,internet,operations,SAP,CIO, CTO,Vendor management. Application design, development and Implementation and support. Application architecture, LAN, WAN design and implementation and support. Lean six sigma and service excellence expert. Certified BB & MBB.