Anoop Mathur

The last one year has been an eventful, enlightening and challenging period for enterprises and more so for Technology Leadership. As enterprises rebuild themselves and innovate for the new Digital economy, no one has been affected as profoundly as the CIO.

Today, CIO is the commander at the forefront and the true champion of the Digital-only world where technology fuels everything from the ground up.

The Digital Economy is being built at an overwhelming pace and CIOs are leading the pack as they accelerate digital agendas for their enterprise. Technology is the one place where the buck stops, because it pretty much, under its own steam, steered organizations globally to navigate the New Normal.

Technology leaders are driving modernization of a different order today, ensuring resilience, building agility and focusing on sustainability for the future. They are facing some of the most unique challenges and opportunities which allow them to take larger leadership roles that redefine the future.

We are excited -- with a greater reason this time—to unveil the 7th edition of CIO Power List 2021, to honor the truly influential ‘Digital Technology Leaders’ of our country. This ALL-ONLINE edition, slated for the 20th of May, 3 pm onwards, aims to foster the true spirit of community and collaboration that CORE Media so dearly upholds.

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