Rajarshi Purkayastha

Head, Pre-Sales, India | MECAA | SAARC - Tata Communications

Rajarshi Purkayastha (“Raj”) is a technologist by profession, a trainer by passion, a martial artist by choice with many accolades under his belt and three pending patents. In his present role as Head of Pre-Sales, India | MECAA | SAARC, Tata Communications, he is responsible for gaining an in-depth understanding of customers and market forces to develop solutions that add value to customers’ businesses and enable them to mitigate any challenges they face to capitalise on opportunities. Starting from solving “Work From Home” challenges in recent COVID 19 pandemic to devising an approach for transforming a large retail chain’s physical sales to digital sales,  to being instrumental in country-wide telecom transformation projects, he has successfully delivered value to both enterprises and nation. With such myriad experiences, he often converts his learnings into high trending blogs which are often leveraged by leading media houses presenting his “challenging the status quo” perspective.