Dr. Nitin Paranjape

Productivity Guru

Specialization: Optimizing Unstructured Work (which consumes 50% of your time every day)

Deliverable: Unimaginable time saving and unbelievable improvement in efficiency

Effective across all audiences from Government Dignitaries to CxOs to students.
All audiences. All verticals. Coached over 260,000 professionals, conducted 2000+ sessions, 750+ blog articles (http://efficiency365.com)

Sought after speaker and orator. Humorous, witty, sarcastic, hard-hitting, practical and inspiring style. Attendees often call the session "an eye opener", "a magic show", "the best session I ever attended". The commonest reaction is "Why did I not know this earlier? What was I doing with my life!"

Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional.
(Regional Director is an honorary designation. It does not mean employment with Microsoft nor does it attract any monetary remuneration. It is an acknowledgement of depth of knowledge and customer focus.)