Tanvi Bhatt

Personal Brand Strategist for CXOs | Inspirational Keynote Speaker | TED Speaker | Columnist at The Economic Times


Known for being a thought leader in the foray of Personal Branding and Thought Leadership in India, Tanvi personifies the power of passion in building legacies- that is the soul of a Dreamer and a Doer- which she then beautifully imbibes in your heart as she inspires you to ‘Dream Beyond Boardrooms!’


As the Pioneer of Personal Branding in India, Tanvi empowers Leaders to become Thought Leaders, and Thought Leaders to become ICONS at Panache – India’s Premier Personal Branding Company. The go-to speaker and authority on Personal Branding in India, Tanvi is recognized as the ‘Personal Branding Expert’ for the CXOs by The Economic Times-Corporate Dossier, where she writes on all things personal branding under her signature column ‘Brand YOU’.


Tanvi is a regularly featured expert across national and international newspapers, magazines and media channels such as The Times of India, The Economic Times, India Today, Entrepreneur, Inc., PITCH, YSF, Bloomberg TV etc.


Tanvi was honored as the Global Young Woman Entrepreneur at the Iconic Stevie Awards at New York in November 2014 for her accomplishments as a young woman entrepreneur; she was also recognized as the Best Young Woman Entrepreneur at the National Women Leaders in India Awards 2013 for her company Panache.

Tanvi has been honored with ‘The International Alliance for Women’s (TIAW) World of Difference Award’ a global honor conferred upon a selection of 100 women who are passionately contributing to women’s economic empowerment in March 2014 at Washington DC, USA. She has been felicitated as Brand Strategist of the Year 2014 at the Brands Academy Leadership Excellence Awards by the Strategy King and Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand.


Tanvi is the Global Brand Ambassador-India with the TIAW, where she champions the cause of women’s economic and social empowerment by volunteering with diverse women centric organizations and industry bodies to help women excel in their careers and businesses by adopting personal branding for professional success.


Apart from consulting with CXOs, Tanvi frequently speaks at MNCs like Bank Of America, KPMG, Pfizer, Capgemini, Deloitte, Infosys, Mahindra, TATAs and Indian as well as Global Industry Forums like the prestigious CII, PHD Chamber, TEDx, TiE Conferences, Dubai SME World Summit, IITs, IIMs, etc. To inspire your team to discover the power of their personal brand and thought leadership, invite Tanvi to speak on any of the following popularly requested topics:-

The Brand YOU Inc.TM: Celebrate your Thought Leadership | #BrandWoman: Beyond Boardrooms and Glass Ceilings
Brand YOU in the Social Media Era | Personal Branding for CXOs: The Power of Leadership Branding
Dream. Dare. Do. : Inspire a Brand YOU Legacy


Bank Of America | Secrets of Leadership Excellence for #BrandWoman

Tanvi addressed over 100 women leaders at Bank Of America, where she inspired them to celebrate the #BrandWoman as they rise up the corporate ladder. The key message of the talk was to focus on building a holistic personal brand for women leaders which helps them create such an impact beyond boardrooms, that the so-called glass ceiling become immaterial. She shared her 10 secrets that most iconic women leaders across the world know and use to rise, leap and soar across the known horizons of corporate success.

KPMG | The Brand YOU Inc.TM: Thought Leadership in Leadership

Tanvi regularly speaks to the directors and partners at KPMG India on how the dynamics of consulting business have evolved for experts and authorities across the world. She talks on the power of building a strong expert brand and advises on strategies and tactics to further evolve it into the authority brand in the industry. The talks also strongly focus on leveraging social media for leadership brand amplification and impact as all global companies rapidly evolve into social businesses.

CII Conference |The 3D Model of Personal Branding for Women Leaders

One of the most popular talks by Tanvi is her 3D Model of building the #BrandYOU. Tanvi spoke to Women Leaders at the CII National Conference of Femonomics on the importance of Personal Brand building for Women Leaders and its impact on Femonomics! She explored the 3 D’s-namely-How to Discover, Design and Deliver a powerful personal brand experience that inspires one more generation of women leaders to come.

Social Media Week Infosys | Brand YOU 2.0: Celebrating Social Thought Leadership in Digital Age

Tanvi addressed hundreds of leaders and aspiring leaders at Infosys during their Social Media Week Celebrations; she inspired them to build their personal brand and thought leadership online to in-turn Inspire, Influence and Impact their personal and professional communities. The talk also covered strategies, tips and how-tos for building the #BrandYOU 2.0 using the power of social media and digital communities.

IIM Ahmedabad | Careers 2.0: Personal Branding for Futureproof Careers

Tanvi loves to inspire the leaders of tomorrow across the best B-Schools in India; she talks to them about the evolution of career management in the social media age and how a young leader must plan for a future proof career by pro-actively building his personal brand and standing out amongst the corporate me-toos. The new age success mantra is to not have the most future-proof career path, but build a personal brand which is truly future proof and will always position you as the go-to guy for the job!