Udyog Software (India) Ltd. is an Adaequare Group Company established in the year 1993. Over the last 24 years, Udyog Software has continued to remain the leader in offering Indirect Tax Technology and Compliance Automation products in India.

Udyog Software has already launched the most comprehensive and user-friendly GST software platform in India. GST will be a game-changer for all Tax professionals in India, and Udyog Software is indeed going to play a crucial role towards the success of TRPs.






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GST and Automation
GST provides an opportunity for businesses of any size or scale to make decisions about automation. Automation is a confluence of technology and process, one without the other will lead to unsuccessful automation. Successful automation requires a business to understand the tax touchpoints in its business process; as this is a time of transition these touch points will shift as the regime stabilizes. The other aspect to consider is the tax process lifecycle: determination, compliance, analytics and audit defense; the technology and process should support these aspects.

Determination is the ability to calculate, classify and record the tax sensitive data for each tax event; not necessarily just the transactional events. Compliance is the transmission of the summarized data in the required formats to the government. Analytics focus on deriving value from the underlying data which has been classified and submitted. Finally, audit defense is the ability to provide government and private auditors information which can show a sound tax decision making process.

GST automation requires a business to review its tax process and find a technology solution which suits its present and future needs. Large corporates cannot take time to pause their business for a tax process reengineering two or three years from now. Star the process now and create a tax process which is ready to deal with a changing tax regime because it is certain the GST will continue to change. Be ready for change with a GST automation solution which is ready for change not averse to it.